Friday, August 14, 2009

gossip 9: im back agn....

1st of all, i would like to say sorry after disappearing 4 such a long time.... now,im back agn to tell u all wads going on in my f.6 life...
here is another gossip tat jus happen yesterday,tat is 14 august... just as usual kenneth is owes disturbing chun ping,yew seng n daisy at the back of the class.... i din hear wad they r bluffing abt at the front part n first time, but wad get my attention is when daisy split out an amazing words... tat is 'kenneth,你不要再一厢情愿了。' (oh my god!!! i thk u can imagine wad is the cond 4 dis word come out). For the moment,we all laugh, thats include our teacher... (haha!!)
hmmm,as u all knw, kenneth like to suan daisy in the class n pplay wif her... av of his talk sure relate to daisy... but do u ever thk,wads the point... is he like her o wad?? hmm.... further investigation will be going on....
the next issue is abt daisy now.... few weeks b4,michelle wong found tat the status of daisy in facebook has change from single to 'IN A RELATION' by the moment mic wong told me, i straight go ask daisy... she show me an embarrased face wif no deny to my qns. (hehehe......) now we all got it. but of cos is not kenneth la. hahaha!! further details is still unavailable cos she din tel anythg to her fren o any1 else... so we just temporary named the guy as "matang仔" as daisy stay at matang.
erm, tats 2 r the most recent news tat happen in our sch... today is our chun ping bro bday,wonder will there b anymore interesting news happen on monday o not...
STAY TUNED........

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gossip 8: Heng Hwa lang

u must curios y dis gossip is going to talk abt the "heng hwa" ppl rite?
actuali the story is like dis....
during one of our MUET (masa untuk engkau tidur) lesson.. the teacher suddenly talk about the sch history... in the past,kch town no. 2 is smk stampin(if im not mistaken)..
the sch is full of gengster n r divided into 3 groups which are the heng hwa (most aggresive, even teachers n headmaster oso dun dare interupt), the malays & the bumi (most weak, owes get bully).
the sch at tat time is even more worst than wad ever happen at kch town no.1
the teacher may hav to risk tat their vehicles tyres may 'disappear' at any time... the car get scratch.... o even get punch by students at any time.. and the headmaster is like Bong jin XX (*u know who im say la...) just squeeze in the principal room n dun dare out... the interesting part is here... as most of the heng hwa ppl in the sch usually work part time job, so they owes slp in the class... and tats the same as yew seng who oso owes slp in the class n pretend tat he is not when get caught by us... for ur further info,yew seng is oso a heng hwa. from tat time onwards, kenneth known him as our 老大 beside as a god. he got many style tat we never discover b4.
1 of his secret technique is throw his bottle towards a gal n pretend to pick it up in front of her just 2 'bio' her.. o he will suddenly lay down n tie his shoes (although is tie properly).. once while we r doing the bio exp (the bugs preservation), he purposely go near the bushes tat r in front of the female toilet,when the babi come out saw him then they yell!!! (=.=) swt..... (duno wad is in the mind of him) besides tat,his walking style... waseh! rili ' ke leng ke si'... slide here slide there... for e.g while walking down the staircase, normal ppl used to walk to turn the body around,but he turn by sliding himself just like the ballet player... due to all dis weird attitude,he rili fulfill the requirement to become our 'big boss' in the sch. this heng hua ppl rili full of mystery...
for further mystery that hav been discovered abt dis heng hwa lang will be proposed in this blog in the future.. tats all.. (lazy to write liao)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mouse dissection

Finali finish my exam n hav some free time to cont this blog....
but... dun read this blog if u r eating or u r going to hav meals... may cos uncomfortable feeling...
if any unez feeling.. dun blame me..

the most pic in the topic of my blog.....


the week b4 exam, we did mouse dissection in our sch. (the most important part we go in form 6)
this are the mouse b4 we dissect them.. they r still moving around. maybe is early in the morning so they r not rili active..

this is the internal part of the mouse wif ribs n organs
this is my mouse tat i dissect. luks cute rite?? the ribs is ord get rid to observe the lungs n heart
(in more detail)
complete my dissection (*with help from paulinus although is individual work)
*daisy wif her mouse
our teacher, pn marie is showing the internal part of the mouse 4 chun ping
yew seng accidentally cut vessel of mouse n using cotton wool 2 clean it
chun ping n yew seng taking pic,but wad more important is the 1 beside them!! YA,tats rite! is kenneth. never see he so serious b4 le??
paulinus is bz dealing wif his mouse
michelle (*ops is micheal) ACTING to be serious...
dis gal u may duno, is cassie.. our classmate from somewher near sabah (*nicks 沙巴妹)
shirlyn wif stupid luks (*hahahaha)

observe this mouse carefully... after i dissect it,the heart is still working... (*miracle)

Thursday, February 26, 2009


today my sch was selected to organise the interschool sports day for primary sch. some of us r selected to duty...
we work till 5pm for today n i think i get sunburned.....
my hand differentiate into 2 colour....

these r the pic tat b4 we start our duty....


just doing nth n having rubbish talk.... after tat we were bz talking n saving ppl... pic is not taken.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gossip 7: heterosexual or homosexual??

this week got a very very big problem abt kenneth oh!!!
in the past, we know tat kenneth like lian sian as he just sit at the back of her in 5A....
in form 6,chun ping is sitting in front of kenneth.. (* u get wad i mean rite??)
is tat kenneth owes like the person who sit in front of him??
the story is like this....... just like usual,all the boys r sitting together (except chun ping cos im sitting at his seat so he just stand beside kenneth seat) n talking nonsense booming here n there.. (*dis time our new 'brother'=micheal wong oso join us) suddenly chun ping yell and we all luk at him.. we saw tat kenneth is hitting chun ping ass... (errr.... u know kenneth style la,after he did dis then he show off his 'chiko' face) then chun ping is blaming like a gal.... wah!! then we start to think of tat in the past lian sian was sitting just in front of kenneth then kenneth like her ord. now tat chun ping is sitting in front of him then he get uncontrol n fall in luv wif him?? OMG!!!!!
no wonder kenneth owes mention about chun ping sis n say her sis is not safe wif chun ping as kenneth owes assume tat chun ping is a pervert in front of us and ask chun ping sis 2 be kept by kenneth la.... the reason he do tat is becos he wan 2 get more chance to see chun ping n get closer.. (*swt..... LOL) [*just like wad ei jye like 2 say: "uncle lead siu mui mui to o o (dark dark) place]
in form 6,the relations is rili complicated n hard 2 understand ah!! after im in for 6,i jus know tat i was nth 2 compare as to them.... they r just sooooooooo......... UNLOGICAL & Im jus like a little kid in their world.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Alcohol year

this year try out some kind of alcohol tat i never try b4 . some of them taste rili nice but some is rili unavailable 4 teens....
this is the bacardi limon tat taste some kind of spicy n i dun rili like (vodka & chivas is better =p)

this is the alcohol tat i like the most cos it is sweet. it is mix from the milk(white colour) n coffee chocolate(black colour) with 15% of alcohol. is rili nice!!! taste it when u hav a chance as im here highly recommended to all of u.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gossip 6: is HE or 'she'??

here is the new topic 4 form 6 student to discuss n is suggest to be discuss....
i hereby declare tat michelle wong is no more a female n 'her'(or can be describe as HIS) secret has been broke.... (*hehe!!!)
Nowaday we jus discover tat michelle wong is not a female but is a male instead (OMG... how can him keep dis for so long without being discovered by all of us??) he is pro... (*hehe!!)
his real name is micheal wong... the reason of dis is still under investigation... wondering why he wan to act as a female for so long... hmmm..... nowadays people heart is rili hard to predict.
this secret has been break when we r in the same group of MUET..
my group member was paulinus,kenneth,me n micheal....
according to prof kenneth lim,she tends to be like tat is becos of unbalanced diet. in the past,she may be a female... but now due to the unbalanced diet,she ate a lot of foods tat produce the male hormones, so she has turned to be a male?! (*wao!! the 1st person who can change sex by just eating,'he' can go take the nobel prize ord) the prove tat shown by prof kenneth is tat she has shown out all the physical characteristic of male instead of the female wan... (wooooo......!)
and now tat me n prof kenneth wandering tat when will the 2 eggs born the only huge egg there hatch to be the big 'BIRDIE'..... hmmm.....
everytin abt 'him' is still a mystery n under investigation by prof kenneth n prof paulinus.....
for further news... pls wait patiently for the furthest report..
authorised by,
reporter CHIA